Do you want to look irresistibly captivating? Then you have to look good for yourself. This doesn’t mean that you must be as beautiful as some of the hottest Hollywood celebrities. Actually, you are naturally and uniquely beautiful because every person is created beautifully.

You just have to bring it out to let other people see it, especially your man or woman. To help you bring out the best in you, here are the most basic tips on how to look good. Having a body that glows with health is always on top of the list.

Take care of your hair and nails. These are what girls see in you when they first meet you. And they will remember that. So, you will have to take good care of them. Make sure that they are clean and well cut. If you like to bite nails, stop that. You will never look good if you are still a nail-biting.

how to look pretty

Use skin care, Watch your face, take shower, use deodorant and take care of your acne. These are basic skin care tasks that you will have to do. Whether you want to go for moisturizer or skin nurturing products depend on you and your budget. Basically, make sure that your skin looks decent in public.

Will you be taking a picture sitting down? If so, then tilt your head down just a bit and extend your neck in order to get rid of that double chin. Have you ever noticed how those pimples love picture day? If you have a zit that is red because you tried to pop it, then drop a bit of Visine on it. Do you wear makeup normally? If so, then you should try to avoid wearing any dark makeup as this will cause your photographs to appear dark.

Get in at least average shape, If you’re noticeably overweight, go on some kind of diet and gradually lose the weight, jog and workout with free weights at home 3 times a week. You don’t need to look muscular or anything but you should at least look relatively toned. The end object should be that at least someone won’t look at you and notice that you look out of shape. It’s not important that someone looks at you and is turned on by your body but that they’re not turned off by it. I would not try to lose a lot of weight at once as the skin on your face might sag, but do it gradually.

Did the guy you like finally ask you out – and now you don’t know what to wear? Do you want to look smashing hot during your date? Are you worried about your makeup smearing or your tight dress falling apart while you’re out with your man? A date can make or break the deal, and if you want to take things to the next level, you need to know how to look good during your date. Here are some very important tips.

Even before digital photography rose to popularity, most of us are already too wary of how good or bad we look at our photographs. To those born photogenic, this is not a problem at all. For many of us, however, it is crucial to know how to pose like a model to ensure that we would look great in our photos.

Proper posture tells us that we must throw our shoulders back to have a straight body. Yet, in posing for a photo shoot, slouching a little could help in creating a more relaxed and natural look. To do this while standing up, you need to unevenly put your weight on your feet; your legs slightly bent. Be careful not to slouch excessively as it will make your stomach seem bigger.

Pose Asymmetrically:

This will make the shot more interesting. Each side of your body must be doing different things. You could simply dip one hip or shoulder; put your arms at different heights, bend your leg, etc.

Put Your Face At An Angle:

This could mean pointing your nose not straight toward the camera but in a different direction. You could tilt your nose upward or downward, right or left, but the gaze of your eyes should remain on the camera. In relation to this, you need to know which angle your face looks best at. Check on your jaw line. Tilt the head up and sideward a little. Experiment while facing a mirror or with a camera so you can determine the best angle that will make your face look its best in a photograph.

Know Where Light Comes From:

Light can cast shadows and even if it is only slightly, the shadows will still have the substantial effect on how your image will look. If the light comes from above, your nose should not be tilted down because your brow bone will cast the shadow over the eyes. If it is a sinister shot, then this is what you should do to achieve the effect you like. If you want to appear friendlier, you need to do the opposite.

Practice Always:

If you really want a perfected shot or shots, you need to master how to pose. This can be achieved by always taking time to practice. Set up your digital camera on its tripod and take as many automatic shots as you like. Pose differently for each shot. This will not create any financial issues because you can view the images on your computer for free. This way, you can assess your numerous shots to determine which pose makes you look best. Pick which pose flatters your body most. It will also be good to wear different clothes during your practice pictorials so you will know which pose goes well with each dress. You can also practice using various props and objects like a chair, a headdress, and eyeglasses.

Obey The Photographer:

Good photographers can offer you honest feedback and professional instructions. Tell him/her what effect you want to achieve and he/she will most likely tell you how to pose for it. You should be gracious and obedient.

Relax And Enjoy:

Picture takings are supposed to be fun. Thus, you need to simply relax and enjoy each moment that the camera captures your image. Do not be nervous or tensed.