Find here how to use serum to enjoy younger and healthier skin with regular and proper use.

 Many people don’t know how to use serum, a shame considering that it’s among the most beneficial skincare products for men and women! When it’s used regularly and properly, it can result in younger and healthier skin with reduced appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and age spots, among other signs of aging.

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Contrary to popular opinion, best face serums aren’t just for more mature men and women (i.e., in their mid-30s or early 40s and above). Dermatologists suggest using these skincare products as soon as possible, usually by the mid-20s, because these can significantly delay the signs of skin aging. These products, furthermore, should be incorporated into an effective skincare plan consisting of a balanced diet, healthy lifestyle habits, and safe skincare products.

The Numerous Face Serum Benefitsface serum benefits

We want to emphasize that each face serum will likely be aimed at addressing a specific skin issue, thus, its benefits will vary. For this reason, it’s important to choose a skin serum based on your individual needs and wants in it. These can be influenced by your age, your skin’s present physical condition, and your skin type, among other factors.

Despite the varying benefits between different brands and types of face serum, these share several common characteristics and benefits. Due to their high concentrations of active ingredients, these are effective in locking in moisture in the skin, restoring its elasticity, and regulating its oil production, to name a few benefits. All of these benefits point to one desirable result: Your face will appear younger after 3-6 months of regular and proper use.

The most compelling benefits of using face serums are discussed below:

  • These are truly safe and effective in bringing back the physical health and beautiful appearance of your skin.

When the concentration of active ingredients between moisturizers and serums are compared, the latter will definitely win. Studies have shown that the best face serums can contain active ingredients of up to 70% concentration! In contrast, even the best moisturizers only have 5 to 10% concentration of active ingredients, a far cry from serums.

Such high concentrations mean that serums work quicker and better than moisturizers, essences, and oils combined in getting the desired results. These results include lesser fine lines and wrinkles, brighter skin complexion, and more even skin tone with little to no age spots, as well as firmer, smoother and supplier skin.  While serums aren’t exactly the fountain of youth, these are among the more effective topical (i.e., non-invasive) ways of warding off the signs of aging skin.

These benefits are possible because serums contain a wide range of beneficial active ingredients from vitamins with antioxidant capabilities to plant-derived substances.  The nutrients are also delivered to the deeper layers of the skin because of their smaller molecular structure, especially in comparison with conventional moisturizers, creams and lotions.

Face serums work in two ways, too. First, these boost the skin’s hydration levels because these also contain moisturizing ingredients like hyaluronic acid and ceramides. Second, these provide the skin with several nutrients that it may have been missing out on for various reasons.

  • There are no fillers and the like in face serums.

Let’s just say that face serums are filled with killer ingredients, so to speak, which don’t require a dermatologist’s prescription – and there are no fillers that reduce the ingredients’ efficacy.  These fillers can also cause allergic reactions in people with sensitive or oily skin, thus, serums are highly recommended for the group as well.

Face serums are also typically water-based so there are no possibly unsafe occlusive agents, such as petroleum and mineral oil, which can cause adverse side effects upon application. These are instead formulated with specialized delivery systems that ensure their active ingredients, such as peptides, hyaluronic acid, and antioxidants, penetrate the skin’s surface layer.

  • There are lower risks of acne breakouts, skin irritations, and oily complexion.

Again, the water-based formulation and the absence of fillers are the reasons for the high safety rating of the best face serums today. When applied regularly and properly, these topical products will present reduced risks of side effects from acne breakouts to oily complexion.  Even their texture – less gooey and more fluid than moisturizers – is a testament to the serums’ non-pore clogging quality.

The best face serums will also generate monetary savings despite the fact that these are more expensive than moisturizers and the like. Why is this so? First, you don’t have to spend money on several bottles of inferior and ineffective moisturizers, creams and oils. You will find that a single bottle of the best serum will provide your desired results so you’re getting the best bang for your buck.

Second, you can skip the even more expensive cosmetic procedures, such as laser resurfacing and skin lifts – at least, until your aging skin needs more advanced anti-aging treatments.  You will find that the face serums are more affordable than cosmetic procedures yet deliver nearly similar results.

These benefits are hinged on several factors including the regular and proper use of face serums, as well as the adoption of healthy diet, exercise and lifestyle habits. The importance of the latter cannot be overemphasized since healthy skin with a supple, smooth and soft quality combined with a radiant glow starts from within. When we say within, we mean proper nutrition, moderate exercise, and sensible lifestyle habits, such as sufficient sleep, effective stress management, and the avoidance of recreational drugs, alcohol, and tobacco products.

How To Apply Face Serum Correctly

While face serums can be applied like any other topical skincare product, their benefits will be more pronounced when these are used with the following tips in mind.

  • Clean and tone your face first.

Your skin where a face serum will be applied should be thoroughly clean first for many reasons. With a clean skin, the buildup of dirt, dust and debris from makeup and the environment will not interfere with the absorption of the serum’s active ingredients. Otherwise, the serum will just mix with these contaminants resulting in increased risk for acne, dull skin, and uneven tone.

how to apply face serum

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When cleaning your face, you should use lukewarm or tepid water in wetting and rinsing your skin since it opens up the skin’s pores better than cold water. You must also use a gentle facial cleanser instead of regular soap since the latter may contain harsh ingredients.  You have to use gentle yet firm circular strokes in massaging the cleanser into your skin and removing the contaminants from it; do so for 5 minutes.

After rinsing your face, you should keep it moist. You may pat it with a warm moist towel to lock in the moisture and keep the pores open. You can then apply an alcohol-free toner on your now-clean skin; the toner may also be sprayed in a light spray, if it’s applied in this manner.

  • Apply a pea-sized dot into your clean skin.

You should only apply a tiny amount of face serum into your skin due to its high concentration of active ingredients. If you apply too much, you will not be getting better results in a quicker time because the skin can only take so much nutrients. You will also likely wipe off the excess, which means a waste of money.

When applying the serum, you have to use clean fingers and apply light yet firm circular motions. You shouldn’t rub, tug and pull at your skin since these movements will only speed up sagging of the skin.

  • Wait before applying other skincare products.

You have to wait for 5 minutes after applying the serum so that it can be absorbed into your skin. Afterwards, you can apply the other skincare products like moisturizer and eye cream to your face.

There’s another question we usually get: “How to use face serum with moisturizer?” First, avoid mixing the two skincare products into a single dollop even when it means saving on the cost of the serum. The efficacy of the serum can be adversely affected otherwise.

Second, ensure that the serum has dried on the skin before applying the moisturizer, as mentioned above. Think about it this way:  The serum delivers the nutrients into the deeper layers of the skin while the moisturizer locks them in and provides the moisture. You can read our serum review here.

Other Useful Tips on How To Use Face Serum

We also strongly recommend the following tips when using a face serum for best results.

  • Always use it according to the manufacturer’s instructions. These usually include the prescribed amount and number of times of applications during the day. Such precautions are necessary because its excessive use can do more harm than good, such as when the active ingredients cause rashes, itchiness, and irritations.
  • Choose the right product for your skin type and needs. There are several types of face serums in the market today, from serums for oily skin to serums for skin with signs of aging. These are then formulated with a wide range of ingredients, which may or may not work well with your skin type.
  • Consider the other types of skincare treatments and products you’re currently using in making your choice in a face serum. For example, if you’re using chemical peels on a regular basis, you should avoid serums containing alpha-hydroxy acid and ascorbic acid; these ingredients can irritate freshly exfoliated and peeled skin.

When in doubt, you should also ask your dermatologist about the best face serums for your skin type and needs. When it comes to your skin, you should never take chances.