Skin care not only provides a firm, elastic skin and a fresh complexion , but also serves to maintain the health of the larger organ of our body: the skin. Different situations present individual requirements, which differentiate the demands of the skin in the different seasons and by body region.

Skin Care

Skin care by skin type:

Primarily one differentiates between greasy and dry skin as well as combination skin. Knowing your own skin type provides the basis for optimal skin care, which improves the appearance of the skin and ensures the necessary supply of nutrients and moisture.

While dry skin especially maintenance-intensive and requires sufficient moisture should oily skin primarily concerned with moisture and by a UV blocker to protect. Fatty creams worsen the appearance of the greasy type and provide for blackheads and pimples. For combination skin, there are special creams that cover both areas and care for both greasy and dry skin. The optimal skin care of different areas but is best produced in which women focus on different creams and dry areas not only with moisture, but also with rehydrating care substances.

To determine the skin type blotting paper offers , which indicates corresponding spots with a high fat content and gives a hint for the selection of skin care products.

Skin care for women in summer:

best summer skin careThe UV radiation of the sun, the warm temperatures and the summer-typical activities , such as visits to swimming pools, challenge the skin a lot. The optimal skin care in the summer months prevents sunburns and the resulting risk of developing skin cancer and has a further effect on the elasticity of the skin. In summer, women may abstain from greasy creams and concentrate on skin care products that moisturize and breathe the skin surface.

Not only in the body care, but especially in the face and on the hands should be a high SPF in the focus. Repeated creaming is advisable, as a high sun protection factor also not all day from the dangerous effects of UVA and UVB ensures rays.

Skin care for women in autumn:

skin care in autumnThe days are getting shorter and the temperatures are getting colder. Wet cold autumn days put the skin under heavy strain and can lead to dryness, a pale complexion or impurity. With high – quality moisturizing and moisturizing skin care , women are protected from outdoor activities and rely on a protective coating that keeps weather and external influences off the skin surface.

While the skin is directly exposed to the sunlight in the summer, it is usually covered in the autumn months. But that does not mean that you should do the rich care only on the face and hands. Protect your skin by taking advantage of autumn as a winter preparation to increase the skin’s elasticity through proper care.

Skin care for women in winter:

winter skin careOutside, it is freezing cold and humid, while indoors there is a warm and often very dry climate. The constant change of temperatures stresses the female skin and relieves it of its elasticity, making scaly areas or itchy skin not uncommon.

In winter you should the fat pay much attention to your skin care and choose a product that drought damage prevents skin and moisture returns . In addition to skin care, you can increase your sense of well-being by increasing indoor humidity and using moisturizers on the heating system , for example. Dry air reduces the elasticity of the skin and may cause dehydration with itching and a pale complexion in the long run.

Skin care for women in spring:

skin care springDo not underestimate the solar power in spring! The days are getting longer, the sun rises again higher in the sky and you enjoy the first warm hours outdoors.

Your skin thanks you if you provide a moisture balance and even on the face and on the hands already choose a sun protection factor. Skin exposed to the weather ages faster and develops wrinkles, which are mainly exacerbated by dehydration. To give your complexion a fresh shade, and to make sure you get the first rays of sunshine, make sure that you get the most out of nature and use products that nourish your skin, protect against sunburn, and provide sufficient hydration at the same time.

Chiropody for women:

Our feet are worn all day long and are packed in tight, not always breathable footwear. The skin care of the feet stimulates the blood circulation and increases the well-being, which should pay much attention to it. Fatty, moisturizing creams provide a soft skin on the soles of the feet and foot outsides – such as insides and prevent the formation of cornea. Cornea is nothing other than the accumulation of dead skin, which forms itself areally and leads to difficulties in running and active activity.

Providing your feet with rich and tailored skincare, the soles of the feet, toe and toe spaces and side bales remain permanently soft and corneal free.

Facial care for women:

Facial Skin Care For WomenFor the most part, your body is covered with clothing, while the face is exposed to all weather and temperature changes . The sensitive facial skin needs a very rich and intensive care where you should rely on moisture and nutrients to form collagen. Avoid tinted day creams and do not assume that a make-up replaces the care and is suitable as an alternative to the cream. Rather, you should first nourish the skin before you decide for a make-up and compensate for facial bumps .

Women need more intensive skin care than men because their skin is softer and more prone to environmental stress. In the complexion and the elasticity of the facial skin you can see if properly cared for and the skin is supplied with all the important nutrients.

Hand care for women:

Hand Care For WomenOn the hands can be read off, how much value a woman puts on her body care. Smooth skin is a sign of optimal care and ensures wrinkle-free hands into old age. In addition to the face, the hands are the areas exposed to the sun, wind and weather at all times. Even when working with the hands, by rinsing off or doing garden activities, the skin has special requirements and needs to be well cared for. Fatty and nutrient-rich creams are preferable for skin care on their hands, as the components included specifically to the needs of the surface of your hands and palms are matched.

If female hands tend to wrinkle , this is not necessarily a sign of skin aging. Rather, wrinkled hands indicate dryness and show that skin care is not fatty enough.

Body care for women:

Body Care For WomenThe skin care of the entire body requires a lot of attention. Since the skin is characterized by different areas, it can lead to different fat content and thus the proverbial combination skin. Body lotions moisturize and preclude the skin from drying out or becoming blemished by high levels of fat . It is best to choose a light, fast-absorbing skin care product that will not leave marks on your clothing and will not restrict your skin’s breathability.

Body care is best worn after every shower or after a full bath , as contact with water causes skin dryness and may promote dandruff on the skin surface . Itchy or reddened areas are usually an indication of skin dryness and should be treated intensively in the skin care of the body.

Lip care for women:

lips care for womenThe lip skin is one of the most sensitive areas of the body. Through daily contact with sweet, pungent and acidic foods improperly groomed lips jump quickly, break at the corners of the mouth and repel the upper skin layer.

With a care stick you keep your lips supple and choose a skin care that is specially tailored to the high nutrient and moisture requirements of the lips. Since lip balm sticks do not work all day, you should make the application on a regular basis. After eating, drinking or exercising, your lips need intensive care. You can choose products with aromatic fragrance or pure fat care and apply a colored or transparent layer on your lips.

Skin care for younger women:

skin care for younger womenYounger women should refrain from anti-aging skin care and concentrate on products that are based on the needs of their skin. Above all, moisture, vitamins and nutrients should form the basis of skin care in young women. Avoid perfumed creams and lotions, as they are often not very well tolerated and lead to blemishes. It is better to rely on natural oils , for example to appreciate the nourishing effect of the olive, which preserves skin elasticity and provides a comprehensive supply of nutrients.

Those who pay attention to high-quality sun protection at a young age and pay attention to the sun protection factor in facial and body care can prevent the process of skin aging and provide a fresh complexion for springy, elastic and young skin. It is worth knowing that the foundation for the aging process of the skin is laid at an early age and based on how optimally and richly the face and body are cared for in youth and protected against dangerous UV rays.

Skin care for older women:

Skin care for older womenWith increasing age, the skin breaks down collagen and loses its elasticity. Wrinkles develop as the skin dries and does not produce enough moisture.¬†For skin care in older women, the selection of high-quality products is particularly important, without having to specifically opt for anti-aging skin care. The anti-aging effect is due to the balance of the skin’s own moisture and adequate supply of vital nutrients.

Wrinkles are alleviated if the formation of the skin’s own collagen is promoted and proper skin care provides more elasticity and resilience. The topic of sun protection also does not take on an underestimated area in the skin care of older women. The UV radiation makes the skin age and favors the formation of wrinkles, which you can counteract through skin creams and lotions with UV blocker.

Skin care during pregnancy:

Skin care during pregnancyDuring pregnancy, you should be extra careful when choosing your skincare line. Make sure that the skin care product poses no danger to the child and you. At the time of pregnancy, normal skin can be quite greasy. In this case, you should adjust the women’s cosmetics for your skin. If necessary, products for acne should also be used. For the deep cleansing of the skin and to remove the dead skin cells you should use a face lotion or a face lotion. It is particularly important to moisten the abdominal skin to counteract the formation of stretch marks.

Your feet should be pampered with a foot lotion containing refreshing menthol. Pigmentation sometimes changes during pregnancy, increasing the likelihood of sunburn. Never forget to apply sunscreen to protect the skin from damage.

Why is proper skin care so important to women?

The selection of creams, body lotions and sunscreen products is so high that choosing the right skin care product can be a huge challenge. But only if you care for and care for the skin according to your needs, you will be rewarded with a young complexion and long elasticity . There is nothing more informative about your biological age than the skin. But there is nothing that can affect you as much as the organ that spans your body and ages much more slowly with proper skincare. Air conditioners, different temperatures, climatic influences and environmental particles attack the skin and promote the process of aging.

Those who care properly and pay the most attention to the face, hands and feet as the most stressed areas of the skin can keep their radiance young and promote the elasticity of the skin . Wrinkles form when the skin dries out and loses collagen. With the appropriate skincare these influences are to be reduced and the skin remains young, even if your true age can not be stopped.

Since your skin image has a decisive effect on your attractiveness and thus on your self-confidence , the right skin care is especially important for women.